Charlotte - Post-Installation Guide (Website Version)

This article is for customers who have purchased theme installation for the Charlotte theme (Website Homepage version).

We just installed your theme on your site – you may be wondering,  now what? Below we'll go over the common questions we get post-installation, where you need to go to update things, and more. :)

Homepage - Image Slider

Changing the images in the slider: Go to the MetaSlider tab at the bottom left of your dashboard. To add new images, click the "Add Slide" link. To remove existing images, click the X on the image slide box you want to delete.

Recommended image size for the slider: 1600x600px or larger.

Changing the slider overlay: The title/text and button that sit on top of the slider can be edited at Appearance > Widgets > Front Page 1 > Custom HTML widget.

Homepage - 3 Featured Pages

To change the images for the buttons below the slider, go to Appearance > Widgets > Front Page 2. Open the Genesis Featured Page widgets and you can select new images in the widget settings.

Quick tip: If you can't save the widget after adding a new image – change a random setting in the widget, then switch it back, and you'll be able to save.

Homepage - About Section

To update the "About Charlotte" section on your homepage, go to Appearance > Widgets > Front Page 4. The title and text can be edited in the Custom HTML widget. The image can be changed in the Image widget.

Homepage - 3 Service Boxes

Go to Appearance > Widgets > Front Page 5. Each service box can be edited in their respective Custom HTML widgets. For full instructions, see this page (under Front Page 5).

Homepage - Featured in the shop

This widget requires WooCommerce to be installed on your site. To change what products display in the widget, go to Appearance > Widgets > Front Page 6.

If you don't plan to use an e-commerce shop on your website, you can remove the WooCommerce Products widget and/or replace it with a different widget.

Homepage - Testimonial Rotator

See this tutorial for instructions on adding your own testimonials to the rotator.

Configuring your subscription widgets

To set up your subscription widgets with a mailing list provider (Mailchimp, ConvertKit, FloDesk, etc), click here for instructions.

Editing your navigation menus

All navigation menus on your blog can be edited/changed/added to at Appearance > Menus.

Add, remove, or change social icons

Click here for instructions.

Sidebar photo and blurb

Click here for instructions on easily updating your sidebar photo.

Adding Shop the Post widgets to your blog posts

See  this tutorial.

Contact page

To change the text and image on the Contact page, go to Appearance > Widgets > Contact Page Left. The title and text can be edited in the Text widget. The image can be changed in the Image widget.

Offscreen Side Menu

The menu items in the offscreen menu can be changed at Appearance > Menu > Offscreen Menu.  To edit anything else in the offscreen menu (i.e. your image), go to Appearance > Widgets > Offscreen Menu.

Additional offscreen menu instructions can be found here.


The Instagram Feed on your site was set up and configured during theme installation. However, it's no longer possible for us to connect your Instagram profile to the Instagram feed without directly logging into your Instagram account. It's very easy to connect your Instagram account. Just follow the instructions here and then your Instagram photos will populate the Instagram feed in your theme.

Instagram landing page

The link to your Instagram landing page is your website URL + /instagram. Example:

The Instagram landing page is very easy to update and change as needed. To add/change/remove menu items, go to Appearance > Menu > Instagram Menu. To edit anything else on the page (i.e. the social icons, or if you want to add text, etc), go to Appearance > Widgets > Instagram Landing Page.

Complete instructions for the Instagram landing page can be found here.

Coming Soon Page

On your installation form, you were given the option to have a coming soon page installed on your site. To remove the coming soon page and launch your site, go to your WordPress dashboard > SeedProd. Under Status, select "Disabled." Save changes.

We also recommend removing the "Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by Seedprod" plugin from your plugins page if you no longer plan to use it.

Removing the demo content

Click here for instructions on removing the demo content from your site.