Ingrid - Post-Installation Guide

This article is for customers who have purchased installation for the Ingrid theme.

We just installed your theme on your site – you may be wondering,  now what? Below we'll go over the common questions we get post-installation, where you need to go to update things, and more. :)

Creating a New Post

To create a new blog post, go to your WordPress dashboard > Posts > Add New.

Creating or Editing Pages

To create a new page, go to WordPress > Pages > Add New.

To update an existing page, go to WordPress > Pages. Select the page you wish you edit and you'll be brought to an editor screen where you can add or change images, text, etc.

Configuring subscription (newsletter) widgets

Click here for instructions on configuring the subscription widgets with Mailchimp.

Updating the Navigation Menu

To add, remove, or rearrange links in your navigation menu, go to WordPress > Appearance > Menus.

Click here for detailed instructions on using menus in WordPress.

Creating & Using Categories

Instructions for creating, using, and changing categories on your site can be found here.

Sidebar Photo & Blurb

Click here for instructions on easily updating your sidebar photo.

Add, Remove, or Change Social Media Icons

Click here for instructions on updating your social media icons.

Removing the demo content

Click here for instructions on removing the demo content from your site.