Willow - Post-Installation Guide

This article is for customers who have purchased installation for the Willow theme.

We just installed your theme on your site – you may be wondering,  now what? Below we'll go over the common questions we get post-installation, where you need to go to update things, and more. :)

Creating a New Post

To create a new blog post, go to your WordPress dashboard > Posts > Add New.

Creating or Editing Pages

To create a new page, go to WordPress > Pages > Add New.

To update an existing page, go to WordPress > Pages. Select the page you wish you edit and you'll be brought to an editor screen where you can add or change images, text, etc.

Connecting your Newsletter Widgets (Join the List) to a mailing list service

To set up your newsletter widgets with a mailing list provider (Mailchimp, ConvertKit, FloDesk, etc), click here for instructions.

Updating the Navigation Menu

To add, remove, or rearrange links in your navigation menu, go to WordPress > Appearance > Menus.

Click here for detailed instructions on using menus in WordPress.

Creating & Using Categories

Instructions for creating, using, and changing categories on your site can be found here.

Images & Image Sizing

When creating blog posts, be sure to set a featured image for each post. The featured image is what will display on your homepage, blog page, and category pages.

If your featured images are not displaying at the expected size, see this article: Recommended Image Sizes.

Sidebar Photo & Blurb

Click here for instructions on easily updating your sidebar photo.

Add, Remove, or Change Social Media Icons

Click here for instructions on updating your social media icons.

Homepage Options

If you opted to have any of the homepage options installed for your theme (slider, featured posts, etc), here is some information:

  • Post Slider: By default, the slider will display your four most recent blog posts. Be sure that you have a featured image set for each post!
  • 2 Featured Posts: By default, this widget display your two most recent blog posts. If you'd like to choose specific posts to display here, click here.
  • 3 Featured Pages or Categories: Click here for instructions on changing the images in this section.
  • Newsletter: See above newsletter section.

Note: Any "homepage options" widgets that were installed can be found in your dashboard at Appearance > Widgets > Before Content.

Instagram Feed

Here are instructions for connecting your Instagram account to your website and customizing the appearance of your feed.

Removing the demo content

Click here for instructions on removing the demo content from your site.

Learning WordPress

Are you new to WordPress and feeling a bit lost? We can help! Visit the 17h Avenue Video Library, which is filled with 30+ beginner-level WordPress tutorial videos. These tutorials will teach you how to manage your site, publish content, and give you the confidence you need to run a successful blog.