Audrey - Post-Installation Guide

This article is for customers who have purchased theme installation for the Audrey theme.

We just installed your theme on your site – you may be wondering,  now what? Below we'll go over the common questions we get post-installation, where you need to go to update things, and more. :)

Homepage - Image + Intro Text

Go to Appearance > Widgets > Front Page 1. The image can be changed in the Image widget; text can be changed in the Custom HTML widget.

If you requested an alternate Front Page 1 layout option, see below:

  • Image slider: To edit the images in the slider, go to the Meta Slider tab in your dashboard. To edit the overlay text, go to Appearance > Widgets > Front Page 1 > Custom HTML widget.
  • Post slider or 3 featured posts: Posts and images displayed in the slider/featured section will be pulled from your most recent blog posts. Be sure that you have a featured image set for each post.
  • 3 featured pages: These widgets can be edited at Appearance > Widgets > Front Page 1 > Genesis Featured Page Advanced widgets. Click here for instructions on swapping out the images in these widgets.

Homepage - Choose Your Own Adventure Boxes

Go to Appearance > Widgets > Front Page 2. Each box has its own Custom HTML widget that you can edit with your own text and page link.

If you'd like to change the icons, you'll find the instructions here under Front Page 2.

Homepage - About Section

Go to Appearance > Widgets > Front Page 3. The image can be changed in the  Image widget; text can be changed in the Custom HTML widget.

Homepage - Get to Know Us

Go to Appearance > Widgets > Front Page 4. Open the Custom HTML widget and replace the existing text with your desired text.

Homepage - Latest in the Shop

This widget will only appear if WooCommerce is active on your website.

By default, your most recent products are displayed. If you'd like to modify this widget, go to Appearance > Widgets > Front Page 5 > Products widget. 

Homepage - Testimonial Slider

See this tutorial for instructions on adding your own testimonials. This section can also be replaced with a different widget (such as a text widget).

Homepage - Recent Work

The Recent Work images are pulled from the Portfolio. Your Portfolio entries will automatically populate in the Recent Work section on the homepage. You can also modify the Recent Work widget settings at Appearance > Widgets > Front Page 7.

Homepage - Featured In

To change the images in this section, click here for instructions.

Editing your navigation menus

All navigation menus on your site can be edited/changed/added to at Appearance > Menus. The navigation menus available in the Audrey theme are:

  • Header Right Navigation Menu = Menu to the right of your site title or logo
  • Top Left Navigation Menu = Menu at the top left of the page (not shown in demo)
  • Below Header Navigation Menu = Menu underneath your site title or logo (not shown in demo)
  • Split Navigation - Left = Menu that displays to the left of the header (not shown in demo)
  • Split Navigation - Right = Menu that display to the right of the header (not shown in demo)
  • Mobile Navigation Menu = Menu that displays on mobile devices

You will also have two navigation menus for your footer and one for your Instagram landing page.

Add, remove, or change social icons

Click here for instructions.

Sidebar photo and blurb

Click here for instructions on easily updating your sidebar photo.

Adding Shop the Post widgets to your blog posts

See this tutorial.

Instagram Feed

If you did not provide your Instagram access token on your installation form, click here for instructions on linking your Instagram profile and configuring your feed as shown in the demo.

Instagram landing page

The link to your Instagram landing page is your website URL + /instagram. Example:

The Instagram landing page is very easy to update and change as needed. To add/change/remove menu items, go to Appearance > Menu > Instagram Menu. To edit anything else on the page (i.e. the social icons, or if you want to add text, etc), go to Appearance > Widgets > Instagram Landing Page.

Complete instructions for the Instagram landing page can be found here.

Coming Soon Page

On your installation form, you were given the option to have a coming soon page installed on your site. To remove the coming soon page and launch your site, go to your WordPress dashboard > CMP Settings. Under CMP Status, select "Disabled." Save changes. Next, go to Plugins > All Plugins and delete the "CMP - Coming Soon Page & Maintenance" plugin.

Removing the demo content

Click here for instructions on removing the demo content from your site.

Learning WordPress

Are you new to WordPress and feeling a bit lost? We can help! Visit the 17h Avenue Video Library, which is filled with 30+ beginner-level WordPress tutorial videos. These tutorials will teach you how to manage your site, publish content, and give you the confidence you need to run a successful website.